Freshwater for everyone

VisualAqua is a revolutionary data-driven and intelligent water resource management platform.
Our mission is to help our customers to manage water wisely by bringing geospatial data to quality models. And our dream is to use VisualAqua to ensure excellent natural water for everyone on the planet.

Why VisualAqua?

VisualAqua integrates multi-source data, including remote sensing images and site monitoring data, to provide critical insights for monitoring region-scale waterbody of interest on a more frequent basis. Our mission is to protect the vulnerable water environment from the pressures of increasing world population and associated demands.

Easy Historical Data Visualization

  • Easy and fast access to multi-source image data (e.g. satellite images, UAV, underwater cameras).
  • Quickly integrate and visualize historical data from public and private source (site monitoring data, public data).
  • User friendly interface with simple intuitive tools for end-users (typical a non-GIS-specialist).

High Frequency, Wide Coverage, and Cost-effective

  • Remote sensing monitoring allows higher frequency and wider area coverage adaptive to customer demands, compared to traditional field measurements and lab experiments.
  • Cut high labor cost and avoid time delays.

Maximum accuracy with advanced model

  • Build sophisticated models for multiple monitoring index and derive calculated data in seconds, with powerful deep-learning computing engine.
  • Combine multi-source data (point data, surface data) to ensure maximum accuracy for monitoring the interested waterbody.

Secure Data and scalable resources

  • Keep your data secure, and provide only authorized users with access to the right data.
  • Share data with the right people in a timely manner.
  • Flexible, dynamic, and scalable computing resources with certified cloud computing platform.

Early Warning of water pollution

  • Send real-time alerts to the stakeholder and generate reports in seconds.
  • Early warning (texts or emails) about pollution that may affect drinking water, irrigation water source supplies etc.

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