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Digital Rock Solutions

Our cloud based web platform provides you with a full suite of digital tools, allowing you to build a visual core laboratory for analyzing and simulating reservoir properties.​

Why MicroRock?

In the oil and gas industry, traditional lab tests for reservoir (especially tight reservoirs) parameters are time-consuming and costly. MicroRock offers a new generation cloud-based digital rock analysis platform to save time and money.

Cloud Platform

rock Data management

Data Management

  • Integrate data from various sources into one streamlined platform for meaningful information mining.
  • Organize rock sample information, core data,
    experimental data and digitally scanned images.
  • Integrate data management module into current systems in place to create a more efficient workflow.

Image visualization

  • Access Scanning Electron Microscopic images, Optical Microscopic images, CT-Scanned 3D datasets quickly through the web browser.
  • Supports high resolution images, presents interactive visualization of large 2D & 3D datasets.
MicroRock data visualization
mineral automatic segmentation

Image Segmentation

  • Offers tools and algorithms for different types of image segmentation to visualize and extract different elements in a core image.
  • Uses the most advanced deep learning feature recognition algorithms.
  • Extract important features like pore space and minerals.

Fluid Simulation

  • Simulate pore scale multi-phase flow in complex rock structures under different parameters.
  • Build 2D & 3D visualization and animation of fluid flow inside pore space of reservoir rocks.
  • Calculate parameters including permeability, residual water saturation, and residual oil saturation.
  • Evaluate EOR methods by simulating different parameters including injection velocity, interfacial tension, viscosity, and wettability.
MicroRock image analysis and statistics

Statistical Analysis

  • Conduct quantitative pore structure analysis to calculate total and effective porosity.
  • Analyze reservoir properties by running a quantitative results report.


Customized Software

  • Customize software to integrate into current servers or systems.
  • Allow user to choose specific parts of software to integrate (data manager, image analysis, simulation, etc).
  • Software fully customized to cater to clients’ demands and uses.

Cloud Upgrading

  • Upgrade clients’ current software for cloud computing compatibility to save computing resources and cost of components.
  • AI development for cloud platforms to improve the accuracy of image analysis results for each individual case.