artificial intelligence & cloud platform

We deliver AI-powered image analytic solutions that help partners and clients focus on high-value-added tasks and go beyond the restriction of time and space.

Automatic Image feature recognition

We train high-quality customized models for different industries with powerful deep learning algorithms. The speed and accuracy of automatic feature recognition model is optimized. This solution could be integrated into your existing hardware and software systems. 

automatic image feature recognition
secure cloud computing

Secure Cloud computing platform

We deliver a secure cloud-based platform that is accessible for anyone from anywhere at anytime. The platform allows you to scale on demand and save the cost of managing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Fast 2D&3D Image viewer

We provide a powerful 2D and 3D image viewer which allows fast and smooth access to your large image datasets. It is fully integrated with the information management system and image processing modules, enabling seamless application in your industrial workflow.

fast image 2D and 3D viewer

amazing applications

Sciridge in oil-gas-industry

Oil and Gas

Mineral recognition and phase segmentation in rock samples based on images.

Sciridge Technology in environmental industry


Polluted water-body monitoring and public risk forecasting.

Sciridge Technology in health care sector

Health Care

Medical image feature extraction and computer-aided diagnosis.

Sciridge in manufacture industry


Technical flaw detection and parts recognition for efficiency enhancement.

We are about to launch !

Our first application for oil and gas industry and geoscience professionals is about to launch. If you are interested for a free trial, please feel free to contact us !

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